Learn the basics

All Facebook activity starts with your Page. Learn how to set up your Page and build a strategy to achieve your organisation's goals on Facebook.

Create a Facebook Page

Create a Page

A Page gives your cause a presence on Facebook. Keeping your Page active makes it easier for people to discover your organisation and connect your community.

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Enhance your Page

To optimize your Page's performance, make sure that each section is complete. To get the most out of each one, read these recommendations.

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Post on your Page

A post is an ideal way to connect with your followers on Facebook. You'll want to understand the basics of posting, as well as the tools that'll let you make sure that posts get seen by the right people.

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Get people to like your Page

As your activity on Facebook increases, so can your audience. Learn how to get people to like your Page who can help support your mission and spread the word about the work your organisation does.

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Create a Page strategy

Many organisations use Facebook as part of their communications strategy to help drive impact. Learn what goes into an effective campaign so you can maximise your online efforts.

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