Raise awareness

Learn strategies for how to catch people's attention, strengthen relationships with supporters and create ads that get noticed.

Catch people’s attention

The Facebook News Feed is designed to show people content they’re interested in. Our system uses engagement as a way to determine whether a post is relevant to people. For example, posts that people like, comment on and share are considered more relevant, so creating posts that people engage with is key to raising awareness.

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Strengthen relationships

Authentic connections are at the heart of building a strong community. Use your Page to interact with your supporters and help them feel known and appreciated by your organisation.

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Reach new people with ads

Reaching people on Facebook can be done organically or through paid adverts. Adverts on Facebook let you pay to distribute targeted content to a specific audience. Delivering relevant content to an audience you choose means you’re more likely to connect with people who will support your cause.

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