Inspire people to lead

Passionate followers can become strong champions for the work your organisation does. Find ways to inspire people who care deeply about your cause and give them opportunities to lead on your behalf, both online and offline.

Recruit volunteers

Offer regular opportunities

Create a pattern of volunteer opportunities supporters can count on. A regular schedule makes it easier for people to build activities into their routine. You can use events on Facebook to create a volunteer calendar directly on your Page. You can also post a request for volunteers to respond in the comments if they’re available, which will help you gauge interest.

Show people what to expect

Many people have a cause they care about, but don’t know how to help. Explain specific ways in which people can support your organisation by outlining what you need and what they can do. Tell people about the kinds of tasks you need and how much time and effort is required so the people can get an idea of what volunteering for your organisation is like.

TIP: When planning, consider creating volunteer activities for pairs or groups. This makes it easier for people to invite a friend, which grows your network and encourages people to show up.

Engage people locally

Facebook helps people learn about activities happening in their local area. If your work has a geographic focus, you can search for keywords on Facebook to find other people, businesses and groups in your area that may be passionate about your cause. For example, you can search for “dog rescue in Birmingham” to find communities focused on rescuing and rehoming dogs. Filter your search results by people, Pages, places, groups, events and more using the tabs at the top of the search results, then get in touch with them about support or collaboration.

Engage people

Engage your strongest supporters

Make individual requests

People are much more likely to respond to personal requests than general calls to action. Tag people who have participated in your activities in the past, or contact them in Messenger or by email or phone. Make it clear that you’re getting in touch with them personally to get them involved.

Start an ambassador programme

To give people an incentive to take extra steps to support your organisation, consider creating a group with members who receive special messages, swag and recognition. You may also want to host events so that ambassadors can meet and learn from each other.

Plan a variety of activities

Create opportunities for people to get involved at various levels of complexity and commitment, depending on their interest and availability. For example, some activities might be done in an afternoon or over a weekend, such as a community clean-up. Others might take many months, such as fundraising or training for a race. Offering more options will give more people a chance to participate.

Provide action kits

Invite supporters to coordinate an event or activity on your organisation’s behalf. To help manage your brand and reputation, provide action kits that supporters can use to make sure that their activities are aligned with your goals. Include things someone would need to host an activity, such as T-shirt graphics, printable brochures, promotional posters, gifts and more. Include instructions that explain how to use your action kit to create impact.

If the cost of creating and delivering physical items is a concern, consider creating a digital action kit. You can use a file sharing service to upload resources and share the link on your organisation’s Page or event.

Follow up

Express thanks

Personally thank people for their time and contributions. Encourage your leadership team to take the time to thank top supporters with handwritten cards, phone calls or emails. Create a “thank you” graphic that you can share on your Page to celebrate your supporters.

Celebrate people’s work

Post photos and video that highlight your supporters’ hard work on your organisation’s Page. Tag people when you can and ask people to tag other friends who joined in or supported them. If you have the resources, make videos that recap your events and remind people about your mission and how they can continue to help.