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We're committed to helping nonprofits raise funds through Facebook. Check out these fundraising tools to receive charitable donations on Facebook.

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Why Collect Donations Using Facebook?

People use Facebook to connect and share with friends and family. With 1.8 billion people on Facebook every month and millions connected to nonprofit Pages, Facebook can be a powerful place to help people engage their communities and give to the causes they care about. Any nonprofit can drive people to donate on a website of their choice using their Page header or ads. Nonprofits can also use Facebook donation tools to raise funds on their Page header, posts and live video without having the donor leave Facebook. Currently, charitable organizations based in select countries are eligible. Learn more about eligibility and apply now.

Tools to Collect Donations on a Website of Your Choice

On Facebook, we have tools that nonprofits can use to send supporters to a website of their choice:

Page donate buttons

As people visit your Page, a donate button on your Page header makes it easy for them to give.

Ad donate buttons

If you’d like to make it easier to collect donations from your Facebook ads, you can add a donate button. This can be an effective way to reach new people who may be interested in supporting your organization. Get instructions on how to add a donate button to your Page header and ads. Facebook donate button examples

Tools to Collect Donations Directly on Facebook

We’ve also recently added tools that allow nonprofits to collect donations directly on Facebook, so supporters don’t have to leave Facebook to give. Currently, charitable organizations based in select countries are eligible. Learn more about eligibility and apply now.

Page donate button

As people visit your Page, a donate button on your Page header makes it easy for them to give. This button is the same as the one in the section above, but allows people to donate without leaving Facebook. Learn how to add a donation button to your Page and get started here.

Post donate button

You can add a donate button to your Page posts to allow people to donate without leaving Facebook. This tool makes it easy for supporters to donate when they are inspired to give. Learn how to add a donate button to your posts and get started here.

Live video donate button

More and more people are going live on Facebook to share their experiences. Now you can add a donate button to your Page’s live videos. Give people an inside look into your organization, share the impact you’ve made or invite people to join in the fun at a fundraising gala. /

Recurring Donations

Donors can now choose to give a one-time or monthly recurring gift.

Page Fundraisers

Verified Facebook Pages in the US and parts of the EU can now create fundraisers for nonprofits. Tell others about your mission and rally around a fundraising goal.

Pledge to Match Donations

Verified nonprofit Facebook Pages in the US can pledge to match donations to their Page Fundraiser up to $2,500. Learn More
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Fundraiser API

The Fundraisers API is being developed to enable nonprofits to allow their supporters to sync their off-Facebook fundraising efforts to Facebook fundraisers. Learn More

Questions about Fundraising Tools? Visit the Help Center

Tips For Collecting Donations Using Facebook

To get the most impact from adding a donate button to your nonprofit’s Page header and posts, here are some useful pointers:
  • Frequency: Before making your ask, build a strong Facebook presence. You’ll want to post 2-3 times per week to tell your organization’s story and the impact you’ve had. When you’re ready to make your appeal to donors, do so in a thoughtful way. When you post, include a call to action that makes it clear what you’re asking for and what your organization’s priorities are.
  • Theme: Why are you fundraising for this amount, at this time, for this project? A theme makes a campaign more specific and tangible, and can help you better target potential donors. A theme could be based on:
    • Funding Goal: Set a goal and tell people why it’s important that the campaign raise this amount.
    • Time frame: Give the ask an end date. This creates a sense of timeliness and urgency, and makes it easier to plan around fundraising milestones.
    • Tangible outcomes: Define the specific output donors should expect. If funds will be used to launch a new project or to grow an existing initiative, define the scope and number of people who will be served. Especially if your organization’s mission is broad and long-term, fundraising campaigns can help break it down into direct results donors will see in the near future.
  • Suggested contribution amounts: Suggesting a few amounts people can contribute makes their decision to donate easier and removes one of the barriers to completing a donation. Consider your audience and the scope of your campaign when deciding on amounts to suggest.
  • Visuals: Photos, graphics and videos are great ways to bring a post to life, personalize your organization, and create empathy for the people you serve. In fact, studies show that videos are 7 times more engaging than other types of posts on Facebook. Be sure your image ties in with the post and the ask. Learn more about images and videos.
  • Insights: As with any marketing endeavor, results will vary by organization. Be sure to check in with Page Insights to better understand how people are interacting with your Page and posts and which content they have found most compelling. Learn more about Facebook Insights here.


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