Enhance Your Page

Here are a few recommendations for getting the most out of your Facebook Page sections.

Optimize Each Page Section


This is your chance to give people a quick preview of what your organization does. Use the About section to briefly state the mission of your organization and its impact. This is also a good place for contact information.

Profile Picture

Your profile picture is a way to help people recognize your brand when they see a post from your Page in News Feed. We recommend a square version of your organization’s logo. Keep in mind, it’ll often appear small.

Enhance Cover Photos

Cover Photo

Your cover photo should be an image that represents the work your organization does and the communities it serves. Use a high quality image that is visually appealing. Your cover photo can be changed at any time and is a good place to feature a special event or initiative. Learn more about guidelines for Page cover photos. Image format recommendations:

  • Choose a high resolution photo.
  • Choose an image that is at least 720 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall. Cover photos display at 828px wide by 315px tall on your Page.
  • Use PNG file format rather than JPEG.
  • Keep the image file size under 99KB.
  • Avoid small text in images.

Video & Images

Adding photos and albums to your Page will offer more depth and understanding of the work your organization does and the impact you create. When you upload a photo or album, your supporters will see it as a post in News Feed. If you have videos that showcase your organization’s work and mission, add those here too. Some additional tips:

  • Add descriptions to your photos
  • Tag volunteers and supporters in the photos when possible


Milestones are a great way to show people the history and progress of your organization. Your Page is also the place to celebrate your organization, like a program launch or an anniversary. Consider including things like:

  • When your organization was founded
  • Impact from successful programs and events
  • Your organization’s contributions to the progress made on major issues


Your Page is a great way to let people know about events your organization is hosting. All you need to do is click Event, Milestone+ and then choose Event. Events created from Pages are visible to the public. When people accept your invitation, it’ll be added to their list of Facebook events. They’ll get notifications when you make a change to the event and will get reminders of the event’s date and time. You can also see who’s accepted your invitation, so you can plan for how many people to expect.


A note is a version of a post that you can use for longer messages or statements.

Verify Your Page

If your Page’s category is Companies & Organizations or Local Businesses, your Page may be eligible for a gray verification badge.


Verified Pages:

  • Show up higher in search results to attract more visitors
  • Have a verified badge to let visitors know the Page is authentic

If you’re an admin, your Page has a profile picture and cover photo, and is eligible, you’ll see this option in your Page’s Settings. Visit the help center for instruction on how to verify your Page. For ongoing enhancements, you can manage your organization’s Page with the Page admin tools at the top of your page. See our section Get to Know the Page Admin Tools for more info.


Post On Your Page