Get To Know The Page Admin Tools

Page Admin Tools give you control over your Page, so you can decide what and how to share with your supporters.

Manage Your Page

As a Page admin, you’ll have tools to help you manage your Page. You can decide what to share and how to communicate with your supporters. You can access the Page admin tools under the Facebook search bar on your organization’s Page. By default, the person who initially set up the Page with their personal profile is the Page admin.

Page admin tools allow you to:

  • Manage your messages
  • Get notifications when supporters interact with your Page
  • See insights and metrics on how your Page is performing
  • Update settings for who can manage or view your Page

Learn more about Page admin tools.

Messages: Manage Conversations With Your Supporters

The Messages section is just like an email inbox for your Page. You can read messages, reply, send files and more.

Turn on the Pages messaging feature to reply to public comments on your Page with a private message. Use Saved Replies to create a bank of saved responses that you use can quickly respond to common questions.

When previewing a message thread, in the right hand column you’ll see the public details of the sender. There is also an option to add your own notes or tag keywords to the message thread.

Notifications: Follow Your Organization's Page Activity

The Notifications section lists all the activity on your Page and posts. You’ll get a notification when someone likes, shares, comments or sends you a message on your posts or Page.

Your supporters will not always reach out to you directly when they have a question or piece of feedback. Use the Notifications tab to keep track of questions, comments, likes, and other engagement. Notifications will help you quickly identify activity that needs a response and keep a pulse on the activity of your organization’s Page. Replying to questions in the comments of post is a good practice as it allows others who may have the same question to see your organization’s response.

TIP: Some people who like your Page may have personal privacy settings that keep you from seeing their activity on your Page.

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Insights: Learn About Your Audience

With the Insights section, you can see data about the activity on your organization’s Page. Quickly see how many people are liking, commenting on or sharing your posts so you can make posts more effective. Insights become available once your Page has 30 likes.

The Insights section offers:

  •  Overview: A snapshot of recent Page activity. There’s also a Pages to Watch section, so you can see how organizations like yours are using their Pages.
  • Likes: A breakdown of total Page likes and where they came from.
  • Reach: How many people saw your posts and how they interacted with them.
  • Page Views: How many people visited your Page and what sections they’re looking at.
  • Posts: Insights on posting. You’ll see info on when people are online most, the types of posts they respond to and how other Pages reach their supporters.
  • Videos: How often people have watched your videos.
  • People: The demographics of people who see your posts by gender, age, location and language.

Understanding your audience helps you create content that is more relevant to them, which can help you make your Page more effective at supporting your mission. For more details, check out Page Insights.

Publishing Tools: Monitor Your Posts

Publishing Tools is where you can quickly monitor existing posts and publish new ones. In Publishing Tools you can see your saved drafts, scheduled posts, expiring posts and a searchable archive of your published posts.



You’re busy enough. The Pages Manager app, available on iOS and Android phones and tablets, makes it easy to manage your Page from anywhere. You can post, respond, share, measure performance and switch between multiple Pages with a tap of your finger.

  • Post updates, photos, videos and respond to comments on your Page
  • View and reply to messages
  • Get push notifications for Page activity, tips and reminders
  • View your Page Insights and manage your Settings and Page roles

See an overview video to learn more about the Pages Manager App.

Settings: Control What's on Your Page and Add Page Roles

In the Settings section, you have control over your Page and the way your content appears. You have general controls for Page and post visibility, how people post and comment on your Page, and who can make changes to your Page. You can also control the apps you use on your Page, create posts from your email, and get suggested edits from the people who like your Page.

Watch an overview on Page Settings.