Workplace is a new tool that connects everyone in your organization and enables them to turn ideas into action. Through voice and video calling, group discussion and a personalized News Feed, you can work together and get more done. Workplace is free for all nonprofits.

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What is Workplace?

Workplace is a tool for consolidating your organization’s communication and collaboration in one place. Workplace is separate from your personal Facebook account, but takes advantage of all of the features we built for Facebook – internal groups, multi-company groups, News Feed, Work Chat, live video, search, file sharing and activity reports.

Facebook workplace desktop and mobile user interface

When Should My Nonprofit Use Workplace?

Use Workplace if your organization is looking for a way to simplify communication and planning within your organization.

How Can My Nonprofit Use Workplace?

  • Centralize communication between a team, or on a project, by creating groups.
  • Speed up decisions by sharing files and getting feedback through chat.
  • Manage relationships with other organizations by connecting them to a project group.
  • Allow staff members to stay up to date through their personalized News Feed of work activities.
  • Reach colleagues instantly using Work Chat for video or voice conference.
  • Broadcast live video to members of your organization to coordinate and connect your team.
  • Search all activity, conversations and files to find the things you need quickly.
  • Report on the activity within your organization to manage your team and projects.

How Does It Work?

  • Workplace is a completely separate product from personal Facebook.
  • You don’t need a personal Facebook account to sign up for Workplace and there are separate websites and apps for both.
  • Workplace is free for all verified nonprofits. You must apply to use Workplace for your team. Apply here.
  • Once approved, a Workplace access for your organization will be created and admin access granted.
  • The admin of the account can create groups and add people to those groups.

How To Set Up Your Workplace Account?

  1. Follow the link in the email you received to get started.
  2. Upload a professional profile picture and add your job title, manager and department.
  3. Create a team group to discuss projects and share ideas or join an existing group.
  4. Follow your coworkers.
  5. Manage your notifications.
  6. Download Workplace and Work Chat apps for free for iPhone and Android.

Workplace Best Practices

  • Save the posts that interest you most.
  • Use @ to tag your coworkers on your posts or in comments.
  • Publish directly in groups so that the right audience sees your post.
  • When you create a group, “pin” the group description and purpose.